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Our Business Commitment

We are committed to establish ourselves as the progressively growing business entity in the segment of Antiseptics and Disinfectants. To accomplish this objective, we make continuous improvements in our products, processes as well as systems, so that we not only meet but exceed our customer expectations with quality products and prompt services.

Quality Assurance (Q.A.) System & Activities of Q.A.

Some of the major activities that takes place in our Quality Assurance department are as under:

  • Thorough testing & approval or rejection of the incoming materials, packaging materials, in-process product as well as finished products
  • Stringently review Production records (B.M.R.), the test reports & utilize this data for the dispatch of the finished products
  • Documentation Control
  • Ensure adequate facilities to carry out testing work
  • Determination and verification of the procedures & specifications that can affect the quality of the product
  • Closely monitor stability programme of the finished products
  • Evaluate, maintain and store reference & working standard
  • Direct the customer service division to keep a record of the product complaints & their response thereof
  • Establish and follow strict procedures for the release of finished products

Research and Development

We have developed an integrated R&D unit that assists in offering a broad range of products. Our team of personnel conducts extensive research to ensure that the output is in accordance to the standards defined by the medical regulatory bodies. We continuously work towards accomplishing objectives while performing the research:

To improve effectiveness and quality of the products
In addition to the technical research, our team conducts regular market research that helps us in bringing forth the products that suits the requirements of our clients.

Production Facilities

We have strengthened us  with well equipped production facilities based on GMP and WHO guidelines. Our modern, certified as well as well managed facilities assists us in successfully meeting the demands of Antiseptics and Disinfectants. To ensure quality products and comply with quality standards, we carry out all operations under close supervision of experienced and trained technical employees. Further, all the processes are recorded in our Batch Manufacturing Record & Master Formula Card as and when the process proceeds for validation purposes.

All the products are packed in jute cloth to maintain its quality and finish standards.

Some of the evaluation tests we follow during the production activities includes:

  • We carry out In-process checks at critical stages & a final analysis is done in our quality assurance laboratory
  • QA department releases the final product once the evaluation of B.M.R and test reports are done.
  • The detailed diagrams displaying the production as well as related activities are attached to this report.
Processes Followed:
  • Incoming material is proper handled.
  • The packaging material including bulk & finished products for sampling, quarantine, release and storage
  • Each and every incoming material is examined carefully & the damaged goods are labeled as "rejected"
  • Further instructions from Q.A. Dept. are needed for the disposal or return of such goods
  • Our Quality Assurance division samples the received material & then tested against product specifications with approved testing methods
  • It is the sole responsibility of the Quality Assurance division to either approve, reject and accordingly labeling is done as "Approved" or "Rejected"
  • Like the starting material, all packaging materials undergoes all the process
  • We use Lock and Key to store the printed packaging materials are stored securely and issue in requisite numbers only
  • Stores and packaging division exercise a complete control through reconciliation of printed packaging material.

Why Us?

To retain the trust of existing customers and gain the trust of potential customers, we are trying our best to be loyal and committed to what we promise.

  • Ethical business practices has earned us trust of numerous doctors, nursing homes, hospitals and institutions.
  • Ensure innovative and classic standardized packaging
  • Highest standards of quality
  • Our business group has maintained consistent track records in market
  • We stay connected to our customers and responds proactively to their emerging requirements.